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 Shop For Secondary Spill Containment Products

Is Your Containment AIRE Tight?

AIRE Industrial provides containment you can count on, compliance you can trust!  If you are shopping for containment systems, we manufacture and sell a comprehensive selection of rugged and affordable compliance solutions ranging from primary to secondary spill containment products.  Primary containment includes items such as pillow tanks, drums and safety cabinets. Passive, secondary containment products includes spill berms, drip containment, pallets and stormwater management  and erosion prevention supplies. AIRE Industrial also offers a full line of emergency spill control products such as spill kits, spill trailers fully stocked or customizable, in addition to other material handling equipment.

Shop our secured site where you will find thousands of products designed to assist you with meeting EPA, SPCC, OSHA, and SWPPP compliance. Find spill containment solutions for oil, chemical and liquid management that are in stock and ready to ship. Please browse through our product categories, if you don't see the product or solution you are looking for, we are happy to provide you a with free consultation or take on a custom project!

We offer you sustainable solutions to spill and liquid containment

Secondary Containment Berms

With 13 berm models, AIRE Industrial has a design to fit every containment challenge. If you are looking for large-scale containment areas, or just small under-vehicle or machine spill protection mechanism, we have a solution for your needs. Several drive through models available in addition to no assembly and space saver configurations. From the ever-popular Duck Pond to the tough as nails Roughneck, AIRE Industrials versatile spill berms will keep you in compliance and out of the spill zone.

Accessories for Berms

From filtration accessories, to extra protection for under and in spill containers, as well as field repair kits, these accompaniments will keep your berms in great shape for years to come.

Flexible Bladders for Water, Fuel and Waste

Tank bladders range in size from 50 gallons and up. Liquid storage solutions in the form of pillow tanks, onion tanks, open top and foldable tanks options for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, potable water and grey water. Stock tanks and customized configurations are readily available.

Spill Kit Lineup

From universal, chemical, to oil clean up, spill kits are the workhorse of containment industry. Each spill kit is equipped to handle a variety of spill response situations. Keep kits near all potential spill discharges with the appropriate container size.

Leak Prevention and Capture

If you can’t stop it, contain it. Keeping drips from reaching the ground under machinery or leaky pipes is a snap with one of the many styles of leak diverters and preventers. Find pop up pools, vehicle maintenance pads, as well as hose protectors and leak diverters for roofs.

Stormwater Management and Flood Abatement

Runoff prevention and abatement products from AIRE Industrial. Shop for culvert socks, flood tubes, drain protectors, dewatering bags and more. Flood tubes make the perfect sandbag alternative, nothing to throw away and can perform multiple deployments. 

Along with floods, SWPPP is a serious concern and fines are hefty. Protect your construction site from causing erosion and pollution. 

Absorbents and Clean Up Solutions

Contingency planning for spills is important. Have the right supplies to get that spill contained in a hurry. Netted booms for oil or liquids surround a spill so you have time to deploy sorbent pillows or lay down absorbent rolled material. Find all your response goods here.

Safety Storage Cabinets

Storage for paints, pesticides, chemicals, acids, flammables, other harmful liquids and aerosols. Cabinets are grounded, made of double walled 18-gauge steel or HDPE with self-locking models available. Sizes can contain 2 gallons up to 110 gallons. 

Spill Containers

Materials handling and storage options are abundant with this full line of plastic containment products. Whether you are looking to stack drums or move supplies, our spill containment offerings will keep the workplace spill free and moving along with speed and cleanliness. Find platforms, pallets, workstations, outdoor storage and more.

Overpack and Salvage Drums

UN and DOT rated, drums are UV resistant, capable of being nested and lock tight. Lightweight with superior climate durability and chemical tolerance, the overpacks and drums are appropriate for bio-waste and hazardous materials transportation and disposal.

Facility Guards & Protectors

Don’t go bump in the night or day with these brightly colored facility guards. Designed to keep posts, walls and machinery free from dents and dings. Find posts, guards and sleeves here.

Type 1 and Type 2 Storage Safety Cans 

Flammables and hazardous liquids have a secure enclosure that is 100% leak proof and seamless. Each can meets NFPA, UL and OSHA regs. Galvanized steel or polyethylene models each offer dependable storage for oils, gases and acids.

Cigarette Receptacles

Flammables and hazardous liquids have a secure enclosure that is 100% leak proof and seamless. Each can meets NFPA, UL and OSHA regs. Galvanized steel or polyethylene models each offer dependable storage for oils, gases and acids.

made in the USA

Choosing AIRE Industrial has many advantages ~ In-House Manufacturing, Sales and Engineering Team

Your spill berms and liquid storage tanks are proudly built in Meridian, Idaho USA!  Our manufacturing facility, sales and engineering teams are all in the same building. What does that mean for you? It means fast turnaround times, superior quality control, customer centric service and no middleman mark up.

Call us at 800-247-3846 from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. mountain time or email us at industrialproducts@aire.com.  We are here to answer your questions and provide custom quotes and specific product requests.





Industry and Spill Compliance

Compliance IndustriesEach spill containment solution is built with superior quality parts and materials such as XR5, NPF approved fabrics, meeting or exceeding compliance requisites of EPA 40, OSHA, CFR 264.175 and NPDES. SPCC rules affect a wide range of industries to help reduce environmental impact.  Our knowledgeable staff has experience working with these industries and others, concerning their spill containment needs:    

  • Oil and Gas
  • Government
  • Military
  • Agriculture
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining  

Call us today for a free compliance consultation! 800-247-3846