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AIRE XR5 Fuel Bladder

  • Category: Bladders
  • Brand: AIRE Industrial

All bladders come with a FREE ground pad. Flexible fuel bladders built from XR-5 30 MIL fabric are generally recommended for diesel fuel, and bulk liquid chemical storage (see chemical resistance chart). AIRE Industrial manufacturers sizes ranging from 25 to 30,000 gallons and we can also design and build custom flexible fuel storage tanks to suit your specific applications. These fuel bladder tanks or fuel blivets can also be built to military spec. using top quality materials and fittings. Fuel bladders come standard with 2 each Polypropylene 2" fill / discharge female NPT flanges and a 3/4" check valve vent (stainless steel available upon request). AIRE Industrial’s collapsible fuel storage bladders are easy to transport and are perfect for remote refueling/storage operations.

  • Pillow style self supporting bladder/blivet
  • High quality fuel grade coated PVC material
  • Fuel tank material is UV resistant
  • 30 MIL fabric thickness
  • Thermo welded seam construction with hemmed edges so that fuel can't saturate scrim and then 3" overlap weld for strength 
  • Geotextile ground pad included for all bladder tanks
  • Fitting location customizable upon request 
  • Corner cap for extra protection
  • Standard 2 each Polypropylene 2" fill / discharge female NPT flanges
  • Standard 3/4" check valve vent
  • Ball valves and camlocks available upon request 

 XR5® Chemical Compatibility Chart

Fuel Bladder Fitting Placement Worksheet 

Item Number  Description Sump Gal Weight Ibs Color
953-000501 XR5 Fuel Bladder 50 15 BLACK
953-001001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 100 20 BLACK
953-001501 XR5 Fuel Bladder 150 25 BLACK
953-002501 XR5 Fuel Bladder 250 30 BLACK
953-005001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 500 50 BLACK
953-007501 XR5 Fuel Bladder 750 75 BLACK
953-008001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 800 95 BLACK
953-010001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 1000 110 BLACK
953-015001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 1500 145 BLACK
953-020001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 2000 165 BLACK
953-025001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 2500 180 BLACK
953-030001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 3000 205 BLACK
953-050001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 5000 295 BLACK
953-100001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 10000 385 BLACK
953-150001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 15000 465 BLACK
953-200001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 20000 645 BLACK
953-250001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 25000 735 BLACK
953-300001 XR5 Fuel Bladder 30000 865 BLACK



As the manufacturer, we can build custom AIRE XR5® Fuel Bladders that can be tailored to site specifications.

Please contact us here or give us a call at 1-800-247-3846 to discuss custom details.

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