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Yellow Jacket Folding Tank

  • Category: Tanks
  • Brand: AIRE Industrial





Take the challenge, how fast can YOU set it up?


The Yellow Jacket tank takes just one person to set up. What can the rest of your team be doing with the added time this tank gives you?

When lives are on the line, time is not the firefighter’s friend. Anything that can shave minutes or seconds off during an emergency can be the difference between a life saved or lost. Traditional unfolding tanks used during the staging of an emergency are a two-person deployment job, costing labor and time. The new Yellow Jacket tank developed, manufactured and sold by AIRE Industrial solves the dual team need for setting up a water tank in a staging area.  

  • One piece system, no loose parts or cumbersome assembly
  • Fastest deployable folding tank solution for oil spill containment and oil spill cleanup operations.
  • Reticulating square tubing frame made from 6061 aluminum
  • Sizes range from 800 to 2,000 gallon – new sizes to be added –check website for additions
  • 24 oz. PVC liner
  • NFPA 1142 Compliant
  • Light weight and compact, easy to store on vehicle and deploy to back country operations via aircraft.
  • Perfect product to provide extra water supply for rural areas where water pressure is low or hydrant is unavailable or inexpensive back-up for municipal fire departments.
  • Low cost option for construction sites that require sediment settling ponds to remain compliant with storm water regulations.

Tank Gallons      Weight 
Dimensions Assembled    Stored Dimensions 
800 9'x26" 14"x58" 71
1200 11'x30" 15"x58" 87
1600 12'x32" 18"x58" 107
2000 14'x34" 22"x60" 128

As the manufacturer, we can build custom Yellow Jacket™ Folding Tanks to your size and material specifications. Please contact us here or give us a call at 1-800-247-3846 to discuss custom details.

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