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AIRE Duck Pond™

  • Category: Spill Containment Berm
  • Brand: AIRE Industrial

The compact, self-standing Duck Pond™ berm is the answer when quick containment is needed.  The Duck Pond™ berm is design to fold, store in small spaces and quickly deploy for planned spill containment or emergency drips.  This berm is built small enough to fit under a truck seat and is a great size for small drums, batteries, compressors etc.  Duck Pond™ berms are a quick and affordable solution for a variety of short-term containment tasks. 




Comes standard in 18 oz. PVC

Folding berm

Snap buckles

Cinch down strap

Welded seams

Self standing


 PVC Chemical Compatibility Chart 

AIRE Duck Pond        
Item number Description Sump Cap Weight  Color
908-020204Y 2'x2'x4''  10 3 YELLOW
908-020204O 2'x2'x4''  10 3 ORANGE
908-020204B 2'x2'x4"  10 3 BLACK
908-020304Y 2'x3'x4''  15 4 YELLOW
908-020304O 2'x3'x4''  15 4 ORANGE
908-020304B 2'x3'x4" 15 4 BLACK
908-020404Y 2'x4'x4''  20 5 YELLOW
908-020404O 2'x4'x4''  20 5 ORANGE
908-020404B 2'x4'x4''  20 5 BLACK
908-030304Y 3'x3'x4''  22.5 5 YELLOW
908-030304O 3'x3'x4''  22.5 5 ORANGE
908-030304B 3'x3'x4'' 22.5 5 BLACK
908-030404Y 3'x4'x4''  30 6 YELLOW
908-030404O 3'x4'x4''  30 6 ORANGE
908-030404B 3'x4'x4" 30 6 BLACK
908-040404Y 4'x4'x4''  40 8 YELLOW
908-040404O 4'x4'x4''  40 8 ORANGE
908-040404B 4'x4'x4"  40 8 BLACK
908-040604Y 4'x6'x4''  60 13 YELLOW
908-040604O 4'x6'x4''  60 13 ORANGE
908-040604B 4'x6'x4'' 60 13 BLACK
908-040804Y 4'x8'x4" 80 15 YELLOW
908-040804O 4'x8'x4''  80 15 ORANGE
908-040804B 4'x8'x4" 80 15 BLACK
908-060804Y 6'x8'x4"  120 26 YELLOW
908-060804O 6'x8'x4"   120 26 ORANGE
908-060804B 6'x8'x4" 120 26 BLACK


As the manufacturer, we can build custom AIRE Duck Ponds™ Berms to your size and material specifications. Please click here or give us a call at 1-800-247-3846 to discuss custom details and get a quote.

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  • Joshua

    Farmington, NM

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    These are excellent for our job application. We work in the Oil&Gas Industry and it is frowned on to put liquids on the ground. These small and affordable containment's allow us to keep our customers happy!