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Quick Snap Foam Berm

  • Category: Spill Containment Berm
  • Brand: AIRE Industrial

AIRE Quick Snap Foam™ Berms are the best berms for drive in - drive out applications such as vehicle refueling or check stations.  Non-memory foam ends simply compress and return to shape after the vehicle has pulled through.  With the AIRE Quick Snap Foam™ Berm there is no need to remove stays for vehicle entry or exit.   The corners and foam pockets reduce stress as the weight of a vehicle passes over the walls, this superior design extends the life of the berm.


Comes standard in heavy duty, 30oz XR-5 material

Easiest berm to drive through

Non-Memory foam side wall support

Fast assembly

Welded seams

Easy to use Quick Snap™ stays

SPCC Compliant

•       Ground stakes

•       Repair kit


XR5® Chemical Chart

AIRE Quick Snap Foam Berm XR5      
Item Number  Decsription Sump Gal  Weight Ibs Color
920-101512 10'x15'x12''  1122 140 BLACK
920-102012 10'x20'x12''  1945 175 BLACK
920-102612 10'x26'x12''  1944 200 BLACK
920-105012 10'x50'x12"  3740 265 BLACK
920-122612 12'x26'x12"  9170 185 BLACK
920-123612 12'x36'x12''  3231 200 BLACK
920-125012 12'x50'x12"  4488 300 BLACK
920-126012 12'x60'x12''  5386 325 BLACK
920-145412 14'x54'x12"  5655 481 BLACK
920-148512 14'x85'x12''  8901 525 BLACK


As the manufacturer, we can build custom Quick Snap Foam™ Berms to your size and material specifications. Please click here or give us a call at 1-800-247-3846 to discuss custom details and get a quote.

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