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Spill Containment Berms - Portable Containment

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Prevent soil and water pollution and keep your operation EPA 40, OSHA, CFR 264.175 and NPDES compliant with our spill containment berms. Our spill berms are constructed with rugged XR5®, Urethane or PVC fabrics to provide a huge range of chemical resistance tailored for your specific needs and budget. We manufacture an array of models such as drive-in / drive-out, rapid deployment, long term, and easy-to-store. Our secondary containment is ideal for trucks, tankers, fracking equipment, bladders, drums, compressors, HAZMAT, and more. We keep a huge selection of berms in stock and they are all manufactured in Meridian, ID with thermal welded seams and a one year warranty. Don't see the size, shape, or design you need? Custom projects are always welcome, give us a call at 800-247-3846!

Quick Snap™ Spill Berm: XR5®
AIRE Quick Snap™ spill berms are the most versatile collapsible secondary containment berms in the industry.
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L-Bracket™ Berm
The L-Bracket™ Berm is our most rugged spill containment berm design. The aluminum L-Stays combined with heavy weight chemically resistant berm material is well suited for heavy duty use, high winds and harsh environments.
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Quick Protector Berm™
Easy, all-in-one design. No loose parts. No tools required. Simple protection from spills.
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GoGo™ Berm
The AIRE GoGo Berm is a lightweight, compact containment solution for staying SPCC compliant in the field.
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AIRE Duck Pond™ Mini Spill Berms
The Duck Pond berm is design to fold, store in small spaces and quickly deploy for planned spill containment or emergency drips.
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Roughneck™ Berm
The AIRE RoughNeck™ Berm is designed for heavy duty drive over capability and lightening quick deployment.
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Well Head Berm
Wellhead Berms provide 360 degrees of secure spill containment around well heads.
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Quick Snap™ Spill Berm:PVC
These affordable spill berms are the perfect solution for single use decontamination and industrial containment applications.
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Quick Snap™ Foam Berm
AIRE Quick Snap Foam™ Berms are the best berms for drive in - drive out applications such as vehicle refueling or check stations.
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AIRE DeCon™ Berm
AIRE Decon™ Berms are lightweight dual chambered wash down units. Each chamber can be used for different wash down solutions such as fuel, chemicals and hazmat
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AIRE Foam Spill Pad™
The flexible AIRE Foam Spill Pad provides the fastest and most economical way to control hazardous fluids.
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Wash Down Pad
The economical AIRE Wash Down Pad captures barnacles, weeds, greases, seeds, paint chips, invasive aquatic species and gray water from power washing stations.
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Spill Berm Accessories
Berm repair kits, ground pads, track mats and more. We have the accessories you need to keep your in good working order.
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Outpak® Corrugated Concrete Washout
OutPak® corrugated washouts are light, portable, easy to setup, and cost effective.
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Outpak® PVC Concrete Washout
Outpak’s PVC washout was designed to accommodate the larger volume of concrete wastewater generated when rinsing multiple mixers or pump trucks.
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