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30 Gallon Drum Sleeve Encapsa Berm 27" DIA x 36" H

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Keep your 30-gallon drums from leaking onto the ground. If you have space constraints or are just looking for a more compact drum containment solution, then this innovative drum spill control product might be a great fit. The Encapsa Berm is the perfect short-term spill management solution for a leaky or damaged drum. Here are benefits and features of the Encapsa:



  • Need to contain just one leaky drum? No need to buy an entire platform.


  • Just simply slide the drum inside the bag and roll down the top to create an airtight seal to contain all liquids. The Encapsa Berm holds spills inside until you can dispose of them.


  • Space is gained by not having bulky platforms clutter workplace. Drums can be individually contained. Any leak with not cross contaminate from drum to drum.


  • Moving a leaky drum is easy as the spill is completely contained. Spill prevention is simple and secure. Use dollies or forklifts with ease.



  • Field use of the Encapsa Berm drum container sleeve requires minimal space to transport drums. No trying to place hard-sided pallets that take up valuable room for other supplies.






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