Containment Berms
How many different sizes of walls do you have?
We currently offer 4”, 8”, 12”, 18”, and 24” wall heights.
Do you do custom sizing?
We are the direct manufacturer so customization is never an issue. Contact us for custom quotes or call us at 800-247-3846

Why do you recommend a ground pad?
Often your berm is set up in areas that are unimproved so you will be dealing with small rocks and debris. The ground pad can help mitigate this issue by providing a cushion between the ground and the berm. We still recommend you choose a site that can easily be cleaned of debris before set up.
When is track mat needed?
Track mats offer yet another layer of protection from large, typically rolling pieces of equipment, between the wheels and the berm itself. We do however still recommend you check tires for debris or nails before you roll into the containment.

When would an L bracket work for me?
The L bracket style berm can be used in all containment situations, but one of the best uses for it is when you need to hug up close to a wall. It allows you to put the berm wall directly against a wall or piece of equipment.
Can my berm be recycled?
Please check with your local waste collection sites as they may have a program in place for you to recycle.

Where can I locate chemical resistance guides?
The chemical resistance chart can be view HERE

Tanks & Bladders
What fittings come with the bladder?
All of the AIRE bladders come standard with 2 each 2” NPT female flanges. These flanges allow you the flexibility plumb your system the way you see fit. Your bladder will also come standard with a check valve to allow your bladder to breathe as it fills and drains. The potable bladder will have 1 way check valve to ensure your drinking water stays safe.
Do they come with a ground pad?
All AIRE bladders come standard with a free ground cloth to ensure added protection between the bladder and ground you set it up on.

What do the fabric colors mean?
A blue bladder means it is a potable water bladder. A gray bladder means it is designed to hold non-potable water, gray water, etc. We color code so you can quickly discern between the two.

Spill Kits
Can I custom build my spill kit?
Yes, simply because every operation or need is not the same. We are happy to work with you to design a kit for your project/operation. Call us at 800-247-3846 for a custom spill kit quote.
How do a choose the right spill kit
We have a handy spill kit guide HERE