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20 Ft. Spill Berms Quick Snap Model

20-Foot Quick Snap Berms deliver speedy enclosures for spills straight away! This one-piece, containment berm raises in a snap. The walls are uncomplicated to unfasten, and present you with a true drive in and out experience. Watch the video to see how trouble-free and fast this berm achieves leak and overflow prevention. The snap berm is a great choice for high-speed access by trucks or large machinery. The heavy-duty geotextile fabric has UV fortification for long-term external stowing of tractors, drums, generators, or other large-sized equipment that could feasibly experience a catastrophic spill event. Also, the geomembrane textile used in this spill berm is superior to other brands in terms of tensile strength, resistance to temperature deviations, and standing up to unforgiving substances. When your undertaking demands best-in-class, effective spill control for dependable and fine free operations, AIRE is there. We have been providing spill protection and control supplies for over 15 years. You can find containment you can count on here. Need other wall heights such as 18" or 24"? Custom Sizes Available! Call 800-247-3846 to order your custom berm.
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Quick Snap Berm - 20'x20'x12"

Quick Snap Berm - 20'x20'x12"

Price: $2,043.14