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Outpak® PVC Concrete Washout

Outpak PVC washouts are a cost effective, portable, and extremely durable washout solution for large applications. It is more weather tolerant and has greater capacity than our corrugated washout products. If you have a large construction project and need a washout that will sit for months at a time in harsh weather, our PVC washout fits the bill. The strong 10 ounce PVC fabric is UV and weather resistant, which means it has a longer life on the job site. An optional rain fly can be added to shelter the unit from rain that might extend wastewater evaporation time. Outpak’s PVC washout was designed to accommodate the larger volume of concrete wastewater generated when rinsing multiple mixers or pump trucks. Our 6’x8’ PVC washout has twice the capacity of our large corrugated washout and can accommodate up to 30 washouts. The largest washout unit we currently produce is the 8’x10’ PVC washout. It can be used for up to 45 washouts. Need more information? Call us at 800-247-3846.
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Outpak PVC Concrete Washout - 6'x8'x12"

Outpak PVC Concrete Washout - 6'x8'x12"

Price: $390.00
Outpak PVC Concrete Washout - 8'x10'x12"

Outpak PVC Concrete Washout - 8'x10'x12"

Price: $480.00