Rugged, Reliable Spill Containment - Guaranteed. 


Quick Snap™ Spill Berm: XR5®

AIRE Quick Snap™ spill berms are the most versatile drive over and through collapsible secondary containment berms in the industry.

  • From small containment jobs like drums and compressors, to big jobs such as fuel bladders, vehicles, and huge fuel tanks.
  • Ideal for long-term containment and heavy duty terrain.

Fast Setup Time

  • The portable Quick Snap™ spill berm can be deployed with just 1-2 people.
  • Easy, all-in-one design.  No tools required.
  • Simply unroll the berm and snap the stays into place.
  • Make it drive-in containment by simple unsnapping the stays.  See video for a demonstration! 

Built to Last

  • We use industry leading XR-5® for the most chemically corrosive conditions.  XR-5® has extreme tear strength, punctured resistance and will not delaminate.
  • 100% heat welded
  • The Quick Snap Stays are designed to take the elements and stay upright in windy conditions.
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Custom Sizes Available!
4 Ft. Spill Berms Quick Snap
Time tested in the field! These berms were designed for years of deployment. Made with 30 oz. fabric and Thermo-welded for tough longevity.
(6) Total Products ($374.53 - $497.86) SHOP NOW
6 Ft. Spill Berm Quick Snap Model
In it for the long haul! Why settle for inferior berms that could fail. Visit and buy from AIRE Industrial, established in 2001.
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8 Ft. Spill Berms Quick Snap Model
Containment you can count on, before, during and after the sale. These spill berms are on every continent and last for years.
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10 Ft. Spill Berm Quick Snap Model
The most popular sizes of spill berms are the 10 foot models. This is a no assembly, get going quick berm.
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12 Ft. Spill Berms Quick Snap Model
Spill berms should last for years. We use the best fabrics and weld seams with precision guaranteeing long use and tough treatment.
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14 Ft. Spill Berms Quick Snap Model
Big berm, big cost? No so, here at AIRE Industrial. Factory direct pricing on our 14 foot berm and other spill containment supplies every day.
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20 Ft. Spill Berms Quick Snap Model
Need a large 20 foot spill berm today? We stock hundreds of berms ready to ship out to you overnight if necessary.
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