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18"x18" Universal Absorbent Pillow

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Length 18"
Width 18"
Weight 18 lbs.
Absorbency 24 gal.
Packaging 10 box



This universal absorbent pillow has a rating for up to 20 gallons of spilled fluids. Comes in packs of 10.

Absorb all forms of spills from the mundane to the aggressive. Universal pillows are tough enough to handle all forms aggressive liquids such as; sulfuric acid, citric acids, bleach, and many other toxic liquids. pillows are great for placing into small, tight places while capturing high volumes of liquid from equipment and fueling stations.

  • Absorbs petroleum and aqueous based liquids.
  • Absorbs and contains acid and caustic solutions.
  • Pillows are ideal for tight spaces while capturing a high volume of liquid.The gray color hides the grime.

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