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9"x18" Universal Absorbent Pillow

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Length 9"
Width 18"
Weight 17 lbs.
Absorbency 24 gal.
Packaging 20 box



Universal spill pillows are capable of collecting any fluids from caustics to acids to water-based and oily substances.

Absorb all forms of spills from the mundane to the aggressive. Universal Pillows are tough enough to handle all forms aggressive liquids such as; sulfuric acid, citric acids, bleach, and many other toxic liquids. Pillows are great for placing into small, tight places while capturing high volumes of liquid from equipment and fueling stations.

  • Absorbs petroleum and aqueous based liquids.
  • Absorbs and contains acid and caustic solutions.
  • Pillows are ideal for tight spaces while capturing a high volume of liquid.The gray color hides the grime.

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