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9"x18" Oil Absorbent Pillow

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Length 9"
Width 18"
Weight 10 lbs.
Absorbency 28 gal.
Packaging 20 box



Oil only sorbent pillows can be placed in confined areas or anywhere you need spill prevention.

Absorb spills on water or land without absorbing a drop of water. Our Pillows float on water for picking up contained oil but can also be used for land-based spills and leaks. Great for placing into small, tight places while capturing high volumes of liquid.  Oil-Only Pillows repel water and are UV-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

  • Pillows are ideal for tight spaces while capturing a high volume of liquid.    
  • Absorbs petroleum and petroleum based liquids such as lubricants, fuels and pesticides without absorbing aqueous solutions (water based liquids).
  • The natural white material alerts the customer to machine leaks and the current saturation level of the pillow.

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