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3"x120" Oil Absorbent Sock

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Length 3"
Width 120"
Weight 31 lbs.
Absorbency 38 gal.
Packaging 15



Socks for oil only are made from polypropylene will sop up hydrocarbons, oil-based liquids and is suitable for disposal in land fills. 15 per box,  38 gallons of spill absorbency.

Oil Only Socks are available in four, eight, and ten foot lengths.  Oil Only Socks are filled with precise consistency lessening the likelihood of liquid leak-through. Our Socks absorb faster and exhibit great strength even under extreme weight and vehicle traffic.

Surround and absorb oil-based liquids without absorbing a drop of water. ProSorbents Oil-Only Socks repel water and are UV-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

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