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20 ft Aluminum L Bracket Berm

20-foot-wide Aluminum L-Bracket Berms can be a permanent fixture in your operations area. These berms are made from a heavy duty geotextile fabric that has been in the field for decades and stands up to extreme temperature swings, harsh chemicals and rough handling. Aluminum stays do not rust, nor are they prone to breaking like plastic. The stays can be faced in or out depending on your requirements. Setting up L-Bracket Berms are as simple as unfolding the berm and placing the stays into the secure pockets along the perimeter. Ends can be let down at any time for easy access. These berms are factory tested and all seams are thermo-welded for rugged longevity. As the manufacturer, we can customize each berm to your specifications and offer consultations concerning containment requirements.

Need other wall heights such as 18" or 24"? Custom Sizes Available!
Call 800-247-3846 to order your custom berm.

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L Bracket Berm - 20'x20'x12"

L Bracket Berm - 20'x20'x12"

Price: $1,909.29