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Spill Berms prevent soil and water pollution and keep your operation EPA 40, OSHA, CFR 264.175 and NPDES compliant. Our containment berms are constructed with rugged 30 oz. chemical resistant, Urethane, or PVC fabrics to provide a huge range of resistance tailored for your specific needs and budget. We manufacture an array of spill containment berm models such as drive-through, rapid deployment, long term, and easy-to-store. Our secondary containment is ideal for trucks, tankers, fracking equipment, bladders, drums, compressors, HAZMAT, and more. We keep a huge selection of spill berms in stock and they are all manufactured in Meridian, ID with thermal welded seams and a one year warranty.

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Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Our Spill Berms are made in Meridian, Idaho. We have been providing USA made spill containment solutions since 2001.

Customer Service

Our staff is ready to help you with questions, selecting the right product, finding the best shipping, and working through any product concerns. At AIRE Industrial, YOU are our top priority.

Berm Materials

We filter out the cheap fabrics and build our berms with 30 oz. chemically resistant material, PVC, or Urethane. All our materials are designed for heavy use and long UV exposure.

Low Prices

With no middle man, we are able to offer low and competitive pricing. Keep your overhead low, buy direct from us.

Speedy Delivery

We have a big selection of in-stock berms and can build out-of-stock items in 48-72 hrs. We understand that there is no time to waste when it comes to secondary spill containment.

Custom Spill Berms

Custom Spill Berms

We understand that spill containment is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Our sales, engineering, and production staff work togeather so we can provide quick turn around on custom spill berms. Give us at call at 800-247-3846 to get a quote and start your custom project.

All About Spill Berms

If you are a novice or veteran of environmental regulations, you are aware that spill berms play a significant role in keeping up with compliance requirements. You might think that the berm came to light during the early years of the EPA, but that is not the case. The first drip pan, or spill berm, was patented in 1909 by Muir C Smyth. The original spill berm was used to keep the engine oil inside automobiles from spewing on to the streets. This first berm was made from sheet metal and attached to the undercarriage of a car.

There have been many iterations of spill containers, yet they all have a single-minded purpose: keep liquids that might harm the environment from reaching the ground, or groundwater. The EPA has implemented many “Acts” that have mandated a strict adherence to regulations. Violators have to pay hefty fines and face shutdowns until the spills are cleaned up and proper secondary containment is put in place.

According to the EPA’s own site, in 2015 over $404 million was levied as fines and penalties against companies, and more than $7 billion in investments were spent on activities to remediate clean up and control further polluting. Additionally, the criminal program branch of the EPA netted $4 billion in court-required projects and sent criminal defendants to more than 129 years’ of collective imprisonment. Fines and penalties aside, we all want to do our best to protect the environment the best we can.

So what does that have to do with spill berms? Do not risk fines, or imprisonment by cutting corners with your spill prevention and protection program. It is a hazardous environment doing business these days. The EPA is not shy about putting any company on their yearly wall of shame, or calling out and jailing individuals involved with a major spill or infraction.

When you purchase and deploy spill berms, you are trusting that the manufacturer has done their due diligence. Safety, reliability, integrity, and performance history are points that need to be considered before you decide to place your trust in something as simple as a piece of liquid-impervious fabric with sides holding it up. That spill berm is your first line of defense between your operation, the environment, a big fine, a shutdown, or worse.

AIRE Industrial has your back. We have been in the berm business for over 15 years, and take our obligation to you seriously. All the spill berms we manufacture and sell are rigorously tested before leaving our facility. The AIRE Industrial crew members that build the berms go through intensive and ongoing training to ensure superior capability and quality. The fabric is tested for performance, and the equipment used to weld the seams are state-of-the-art and calibrated regularly.

Everything is on the line when it comes to compliance. Your spill berm choice is one of the most critical decisions that you could make for your operation. Take the time to get to know your containment provider, ask them about their record and their commitment to you and their product. Call us for a consultation concerning your compliance coverage!

Spill Containment Berms

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